Plants vs. Zombies on iOS gets more than you can shake a limb at

Plants vs Zombies Vasebreaker Endless
Plants vs Zombies Vasebreaker Endless

The EA-owned casual game gurus at PopCap somehow made tower defense palatable to casual players. Now, the developer looks to make the PC and Mac versions of Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ) nearly indistinguishable from their iOS counterparts. You know, aside from the whole being-in-your-pocket thing. A new update has been pushed to PvZ that brings the whole kitchen sink and then some.

The update for the iPad version of PvZ packs three new play modes: Zen Garden (players can add a Mushroom Garden and Aquarium Garden), Vasebreaker Endless (eight levels in all) and I, Zombie Endless (again, with eight levels). There are now four more mini games in PvZ iPad: Slot Machine, which is free, and Zombiquarium, Portal Combat and Beghouled Twist (these will cost a bit of cash). The majority of these game modes now have Game Center leaderboards and achievements too.

PvZ for iPhone and iPod Touch received a lighter update: its very own Vasebreaker Endless mode, four new Game Center achievements and a leaderboard for Vasebreaker Endless. In short, PvZ for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is now nearly identical to what players have enjoyed on PC and Mac for years ... in some cases for a price.

"These exciting Plants vs. Zombies updates deliver all the extras that players have been waiting for, and more," PopCap franchise business director Tony Leamer said in a release. "Zen Garden looks amazing on the iPad and players will have a blast digging in, tending to their plants and experimenting with great new ways to take out zombies."

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