Believe it or not, KingsRoad is a Flash game due this summer [Video]

KingsRoad trailer
KingsRoad trailer

Flash, Adobe's technology behind the majority of browser-based and social games, has come a long way. That's made crystal clear by KingsRoad, the debut browser game by Rumble due out this summer. Rumble already came out swinging, pointing at studios like Kixeye for "making the same game" with nothing but a screen shot to back up its claim. Now, it has a trailer.

And what a trailer it is. The video below shows KingsRoad in action, a high fantasy action role-playing game in vein of hits like the Diablo series. Players assume the role of a lone knight tasked with restoring order to his kingdom and escorting hordes of demons back to their fiery homes. Now don't get it twisted: KingsRoad looks downright gorgeous, especially considering it was built using Flash, the same technology used to create FarmVille.

That said, for a studio that pegs the top social game makers for pushing out the same game ad infinitum, KingsRoad sure does look familiar. Regardless, we're hopeful--KingsRoad looks like it could be a blast. But color us even more psyched for what this means for the future of social games in general. In time, all Facebook games could look this good. Interested players can sign up for the KingsRoad closed beta right here.

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