Kingdom Age takes a stab at Facebook, iPhone and iPad [Video]

Kingdom Age iPhone iPad
Kingdom Age iPhone iPad

Social game developer Funzio wants every time to be the right time for a Kingdom Age. Today marks the launch of Kingdom Age, the same fantasy social game that debuted exclusively on Google+, on Facebook, iPhone and iPad. Deemed an action role-playing game geared to be more accessible to casual audiences, Kingdom Age is aimed squarely at the "midcore" crowd.

Considered to be a sweet spot between the depth of hardcore games and the accessibility of casual ones, Kingdom Age is geared to offer both in a fantasy setting that seems to be growing in popularity across games in general. According to Funzio VP of business development Jamil Moledina, however, that's not exactly where the company looks to be focused forever.

This social game maker's true goal is cross-platform play, meaning the ability to play one game on one device or platform, put it down and pick up the same game where it left off, but on another device. Funzio recently achieved as much with Crime City, but will take baby steps in this case. While the three versions of Kingdom Age won't communicate with one another, Funzio claims it's the first social game to release on Facebook and iOS at the same time.

Plus, we're told that Kingdom Age on iOS devices takes full advantage of Apple's trademark Retina display. With that, Funzio tooled the mobile version of the fantasy Facebook game for shorter play bursts given the (arguable) on-the-go nature of mobile gaming. Regardless, the lust for loot can officially live on wherever you are.

Click here to play Kingdom Age on Facebook and here to download it for iPhone and iPad Now >

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