Game of the Day: Hangman

Today's Game of the Day is a pen-and-paper classic spruced up for your computer screens, Hangman! Save the wooden mannequin from hanging by guessing the correct word. The mannequin has eleven parts. This means you get eleven guesses before he's permanently hanged and it's game over. Guessing the word correctly takes off a limb, and that may sound scary, but the less of the mannequin you see, the better off he'll be. After all, the goal is to keep that noose empty.

Hangman comes with a total of twenty rounds and provides you with a set of alphabet tiles to click on. Naturally, you should start clicking on the vowels -- A , E, I, O, and U -- but deciding what's next is always tough. While there's a leaderboard, the game doesn't judge you on how many rounds you've managed to zip through. Instead, the leaderboard is based on high scores. Think you're a word whiz? Then give Hangman a shot below.

Play Hangman!

How many rounds did you manage to last in Hangman?

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