Fiesta Online opts for a siesta on Facebook ... with dragons [Video]

Fiesta Social
Fiesta Social

It's become almost commonplace for free-to-play massively multi-player online games (MMO) to take a crack at Facebook. But a Facebook game in which players can hit on digital babes and slay dragons in the same breath is certainly a first. Fiesta Online, a free-to-play MMO by Outspark has arrived on Facebook as Fiesta Social, which is basically the same thing.

The novelty here is the fact that it's a real-time MMO on a network that's home to generally asynchronous social games. That's not exactly new, but Fiesta Social isn't like the majority of MMOs that have tried to find success on Facebook. For one, it doesn't seem to take itself as seriously as most MMOs do, and secondly it seems to focus a lot more on simple interactions, like chat.

"With Fiesta Social, when you meet someone in-game, you're hanging out with them in real-time, laughing at their jokes and saving them in battle. It's highly addictive, soul-satisfying bonding you just can't get from the current 2-D turn-based social games," Outspark CEO Philip Yun told Massively.

Outspark claims that Fiesta Online already has about 600,000 fans on Facebook, and with that the developer looks to bring the party right to their digital doorstep, if you will. Check the trailer below--which borders on The Sims Social on the creepiness scale--and decide for yourself whether Fiesta Social could be a "soul-satisfying" experience.

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