FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Items: Queen's Crape Tree, Mandarinfish and more

While Hawaiian Paradise has now been available in FarmVille for quite a few weeks, the limited edition item theme hasn't been updated very recently... until now, that is. A new series of limited edition Hawaiian Paradise items have launched in the store, giving you a chance to update your Hawaiian farm, or further deck out your other farms for some summer fun. Here's the lineup of newly released items.


Queen's Crape Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Queen's Crape Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Rainbow Shower Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Big Rainbow Shower Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Pink Sloth - 12 Farm Cash
Princess Pony - 24 Farm Cash
Spa Chicken - 18 Farm Cash
Mandarinfish (Water Only) - 5 Farm Cash


Sunburn Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Beach Chair Set - 15,000 Coconuts or 4 Farm Cash
Water Flowerbed I (Water Only) - 7,500 Coconuts or 2 Farm Cash
Luxury Sailboat (Water Only) - 27,000 Coconuts or 7 Farm Cash

All of these items are on a two-week time limit in the store, so make sure that you've purchased all you want (or think you could ever possibly want down the line) before that time period runs out.

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What do you think of these newest Hawaiian Paradise items? Do you still play in your new Hawaiian Paradise farm, or do you not like to balance so many farms at once? Sound off in the comments.