CityVille Trucking Depot Goals: Everything you need to know

After spending some time in CityVille Downtown, you'll quickly expand out to reach the Trucking Depot, a new building that will help you increase your overall Premium Goods production, which is also accomplished by completing the three Trucking Depot goals that have finally launched in the game. You'll need to head over to CityVille Downtown to access these goals, and you'll also need to have reached Level 20 or higher in order to start them. Here's a guide to finishing all three and really racking up your productivity!

Set Up Shop!

  • Collect 30 Shoe Boxes

  • Collect from 30 London Shipping Liners

  • Supply 40 Premium Businesses

Right away, it's clear that these goals won't be easy to complete (or, at the very least, won't be easy to complete quickly). The Shoe Boxes are earned at random when collecting from Downtown Businesses, so luckily you'll complete both that task and the supply task at the same time. You'll receive a whopping 300,000 coins and 100 XP for completing this goal.

It's All Adding Up!

  • Collect from Downtown Newspaper Office 5 Times

  • Collect from 150 Trucks

  • Supply Betty's Beauty Boutique 6 Times

Betty's requires 310 Premium Goods to operate, and the business itself costs 90,000 coins to purchase in the store. As for the Downtown Newspaper Office, this is a large Community Building that costs 966,000 coins in the store, but is also available for free if you expand your Downtown expansion out to it. You'll earn plenty of Premium Goods in exchange for those you've spent on Betty's, as finishing this goal gives you 200 XP and 5,000 Premium Goods!

Tickle Your Fancy!

  • Collect 50 Fancy Clothes

  • Build the Gandel Art Gallery

  • Increase Downtown Value to 12,000 Points

The Gandel Art Gallery costs 890,000 coins to purchase from the store, with this business requiring six energy to construct and 390 Premium Goods to operate. It adds over 1,000 Downtown Value Points to your total, so keep that in mind when working towards the 12,000 point goal. As for the Fancy Clothes, you can either ask your friends to send these to you, or wait for them to drop at random when collecting from businesses. When you finish off this final Trucking Depot goal, you'll receive the Pizzera Apartments. This particular building is actually a business (even though it sounds like a home), that requires four energy to build and 283 Premium Goods to operate.

There doesn't appear to be any time limit for how long you'll have to complete these goals (thank goodness), so just continue to plug away at them and you'll eventually finish them off and receive these arguably great rewards in the end. Good luck!

What do you think of these time-consuming goals in the Trucking Depot series in CityVille Downtown? Does your Downtown have the space or resources necessary to finish them? Sound off in the comments.