Armies of Magic launches assault on Facebook gamers' free time [Video]

Armies of Magic battle
Armies of Magic battle

Or work time ... we won't tell. Disney and Playdom have officially launched their next big social game on Facebook, Armies of Magic. We sneaked a little peek of the strategy social game recently after it was found in closed beta testing, but now we know all about Playdom's next crack at the core gaming on Facebook. And at first glance, it looks like a hoot for the Tolkien crowd.

Armies of Magic is a high fantasy strategy game in which centuries of peace have been ended by some garish, green goblins out to rip the world to shreds for whatever reason. (Seriously, they're goblins--do they ever need a reason?) Players choose to command one of three races into battle against the viridian villains: the balanced-as-ever Humans, the tech-savvy Dwarves and the stereotypically magical Elves.

Each race has its own storyline that inevitably involves their struggle against the goblin menace, and each has its own unique style of city that players can build up. Playdom employed a real-time battle system in Armies of Magic, so players will likely need to pay close attention when the battle horn is sounded against either their green enemies or their Facebook friends. The trailer below sets up your role in this strife, should you choose to accept.

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