Slingo Supreme on iOS scores more personal challenges ... for a price

Slingo Supreme iPhone iPad
Slingo Supreme iPhone iPad

We'll quit being coy: In-game purchases have arrived in Slingo Supreme, developer Funkitron's mobile take on the legendary slots-meets-bingo casual game. Now, players can buy Challenge Coins in Slingo Supreme for iPhone and iPad. Available in packages ranging from 16 for $.99 to 500 for $24.99, Challenge Coins allow players to create even more personal challenges.

This certainly sounds like the usual song-and-dance from the mobile and social gaming world these days, but at least the core game remains unchanged. For instance, this update will not change the Daily Challenge, which offers players one new Slingo challenge to master each day, based upon which power-ups players have unlocked so far.

The personal challenges update also offers up five free Challenge Coins to give players a taste of what's in store should they decide to take the plunge with their credit cards in hand. Basically, this update puts Slingo Supreme on par with Zynga Slingo, one of the developer's fastest-growing Facebook games with over 4 million daily players. Finally, Slingo can dip into your wallet no matter where you are--but only if you let it, of course.

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