Shopaholic World is your virtual paper doll experience on iOS

I might be aging myself a bit, but many a day of my childhood was spent coloring paper doll cutouts and then dressing up my imaginary friend in my fabulous (albeit fragile) creations. In this digital age, the experience has been mostly lost on young girls, but a virtual version is now available in Shopaholic World on iOS. Sure, the game may not be exactly like a paper doll, as there are no papers or corners to fold, but the complexity (or lack thereof) is about the same.

Shopaholic World sees you choosing a female character from a variety of templates and then sets you lose on the streets of Paris with a credit card. Your credit allowance will reset everyday, allowing you to shop for all of the latest and greatest options in fashion from a variety of stores. There are punk or gothic stores, for instance, in addition to stores for more preppy attire, casual wear and even ball gowns. You can shop for new hairstyles, shoes and jewelry, changing the colors or patterns of most of these items along the way.

Your starting credit allowance is fairly substantial, allowing you to purchase plenty of items for your wardrobe right away. Unfortunately, the only thing you can really do afterwards (as of this writing) is then play dress-up with your model, swapping out tops and accessories for other items in the same categories. You can then take pictures, choosing themed backgrounds to make the photo shoot really pop and can use the in-game camera to actually save these shots to your device (or send them to a friend to show off your fashion tastes).


Ultimately, two more shopping locations are in the works (Hawaii and New York), which will presumably add much more variety to your in-game closet, and you can tap on other shoppers to receive buy one get one free coupons or discounts at other stores that only last a short time. Still, there are no social features to speak of, so while the game is free to download and play, don't go in expecting this to be anything that can truly challenge CrowdStar's line of "girl" games.

If you're a diehard fashionista that gains enjoyment from endless outfit creation, make sure to give Shopaholic World a look on your iPhone or iPad. If you're looking for more depth from your endless shopping sprees, look elsewhere.

Click here to download Shopaholic World on iOS --->

What do you think of Shopaholic World? Do you think the game would be better with social features, or do you love the ability to add a relatively endless array of clothing items to your virtual closet? Sound off in the comments.

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