Shadow Move on iOS looks like a fun, free-to-play ... play on perspective

Shadow Move iPhone iPad
Shadow Move iPhone iPad

If you've ever had a penchant for shadow puppets, then MapleStory maker Nexon's new iPhone and iPad game might be your kind of game. Even if you've never made bunny ears in the dark, Shadow Move on iOS looks like a fun time, especially considering the price (or lack thereof). Shadow Move sees player twisting and turning various 3D objects to create projected 2D shadows that match a predetermined image.

For example, in one stage players are presented with what looks like a wooden bowl with various colored wooden balls flying out of it. It's up to the player the manipulate the 3D object to create a shadow that resembles a mouse ... or maybe it's a bear? Either way, it's a round thing with round ears--all that matters is how close players can get to casting a shadow similar to what the game asks for.

The puzzler looks like a entertaining, clever use of the multi-touch screen sitting on various iOS devices. Of course, the price of "free" makes Shadow Move even more appealing. Regardless, this is an interesting move for Nexon, which is best known for its free-to-play online role-playing games, namely MapleStory, and the first new property we've seen from the company in a while. But much of Shadow Move's chances of catching on depends on social features, which seem rather slim at the moment.

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