Hidden Chronicles I've Got You Covered Quests: Everything you need to know


It looks like rain is about to pour on our Estates in Hidden Chronicles, or, at least that's what Oliver wants us to think. As such, he's suggesting we build a new Covered Footbridge on our lands, just to be safe. This all comes with a three-part quest series in the game called "I've Got You Covered" that will see you placing and constructing the Covered Footbridge, asking your friends for items and more. Here's a complete guide to finishing them off.

I've Got You Covered 1 of 3

  • Place the Covered Footbridge

  • Hide 4 Secret Packages

  • Get 3 Bridge Signs

The Bridge Signs are earned via a general news item posted on your wall. Meanwhile, a Covered Footbridge costs 2,350 coins to purchase, but it only gives you 12 Estate Points by default. You'll need to eventually complete its construction (which deals with collecting building materials), but you won't have to do that for this first quest. When you complete this quest, you'll receive 200 coins and 45 XP.

I've Got You Covered 2 of 3

  • Find Lightning in the Voodoo Shop scene

  • Ask for 3 Barometers

  • Get 5 Rain Gauges

Both the Rain Gauges and the Barometers come from asking friends. For the Lightning task, you'll need to play the Voodoo Shop scene until Lightning appears as one of the randomly assigned items that you're supposed to find. This might happen the first time you play, or it might take up to five times (or more). It's all up to luck and chance to determine how many energy you'll need to waste in completing this step. You'll receive 250 coins and 50 XP for your time.

I've Got You Covered 3 of 3

  • Play FastFind 5 Times

  • Play 4 Scenes

  • Complete the Covered Footbridge

While it's suggested that you work on completing this Covered Footbridge just as soon as you place it, you don't actually have to finish it off until now. To do so, you'll need to gather six each of Cedar Wood planks and Wood Sealant (each of which are earned via individual requests to friends), along with five each of Reflective Tape, Hand Saws and Tape Measures. These three items are earned via general requests placed on your wall. For completing this final quest in the series, you'll receive 60 XP, a Target Hint and a Balancing Rocks item for your Estate.

Whether or not rain is actually on the horizon in Hidden Chronicles remains to be seen, but make sure you finish these quests either way to get you one step closer to leveling up and unlocking more scenes to explore on your Estate!

[Via Hidden Chronicles Wiki]

What do you think of this Covered Footbridge? Do you think our lands will be covered with water anytime soon, or was this excuse just a way to make us build these Footbridges without thinking? Sound off in the comments.