Zynga wants to know, in theory, what a FarmVille VIP should be

FarmVille VIP
FarmVille VIP

Do you know what time it is? Time for another Zynga survey--that's what! Like it or not, the creator of FarmVille has posted yet another survey, this time probing FarmVille players for feedback on a feature it's considering: FarmVille VIPs. The developer looks to recognize its most valuable players with a number of bonus features, but it wants to iron out a few details first.

For one, how should Zynga come to selecting its VIPs? Should it go by friend nominations, player level, how much Farm Cash you've purchased or what have you? There are a number of options Zynga are considering for how it should deem a FarmVille player VIP, some of which are fairer than others.

Secondly, what should being a FarmVille VIP mean? Should VIP status bring Farm Cash discounts, better customer support, an in-game badge to brag with or what? Again, the ideas Zynga has brewing range from brilliant to "what the hell are you thinking?" Of course, the survey gives players a chance to provide unique feedback too. We're kind of bummed that "early access to FarmVille 2" isn't in the running to be a VIP bonus, but maybe you can change that.

Are you excited or annoyed by the idea of a FarmVille VIP program? What would you like to be a part of the program? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.