FarmVille 2 looks even more likely, based on domain activity [Report]

FarmVille 2
FarmVille 2

Social game monolith Zynga might really be back at the drawing board for FarmVille. DotWeekly reports that there has been lots of activity at the domain "" over the past few months and as recent as April 15. For those keeping score, that's two signs pointing to a FarmVille sequel after hints of the game were reportedly found in the resume of an advertising fellow.

As of January 2012, the "" domain was owned by some dude in Turkey, according to DotWeekly. Then on Feb. 10, the domain switched hands over to David Caplan, an intellectual property lawyer with firm KMW Law (and registered at, DotWeekly reports. Finally, the domain is in the hands of MarkMonitor--a brand protection agency Zynga has worked with since way back in 2007--as of April 15.

Of course, none of this confirms whether Zynga has a FarmVille sequel in the works, but the signs all seem to point in that direction. With this being the most recent sliver of information pointing toward FarmVille 2, there's only one question to ask: Why? Zynga has tried the direct-sequel approach to its games twice, and twice the attempt has resulted in fewer players than either game had before. Here's to hoping Zynga has learned a thing or two, because players are on their fifth farm now.

[Via ShackNews]

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