Dream Dresses tests your fashion sense on iOS


From Breaktime Studios, the makers of Sweet Shop on iOS, comes a new social mobile game in the form of Dream Dresses. This one is just as colorful and bright as its candy-themed predecessor, but here you're charged with creating beautiful clothing for equally beautiful princesses. You'll fill your store's shelves and racks with dresses, hats, purses and other accessories, all in the quest of owning the best dress shop around.

If you've played Sweet Shop, the gameplay here will immediately be familiar, as it's basically the same setup, but with clothing instead of candy. You'll use sewing machines to create new pieces of clothing, with different clothing options requiring different materials to craft and various amounts of time to finish. You'll need to collect sewing supplies (silk, cotton cloth, leather, etc.) which can be purchased in the store or earned over time via Bolt Racks (these are premium, but they will offer you a permanent supply of free materials after your initial investment).

Customers will enter at random and may automatically purchase an item, or choose to take longer and actually try the object on. Either way, you'll see some charming animations as the princesses find the exact items that they'd like to purchase, and you'll earn coins that can be put back into the production of further clothing items as your goods sell. There's a simple quest system that guides you along the way, but you must manually collect your rewards for finishing them, which is an odd design choice.

If you wish to spend even more real world cash and increase your shop's productivity, you can do so via the purchase of pets or boyfriends, which can sometimes also offer you free sewing supplies as they wander around your shop.


Continuing with the comparisons to Sweet Shop, the social features in Dream Dresses are fairly light, but allow you to visit random players and even add neighbors via email or Game Center. You'll be able to give these players gifts each day and will earn Karma hearts in the process. The more hearts you have, it seems that the more likely you are to appear as a "community neighbor" for other players, and therefore the higher chance you'll have of receiving gifts in your own shop.

All told, Dream Dresses is a game for those that already played Sweet Shop and appreciated its simple store-simulation gameplay, or for those who simply love putting a great outfit together. It's a fairly standard social iOS offering, which can now be downloaded for free on either iPhone or iPad.

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