Finally, share your chicken scratch masterpieces in Draw Something

Draw Something update
Draw Something update

That is, of course, if you've got the guts. Zynga has updated the iOS and Android versions of its (or OMGPOP's) ubiquitous mobile social hit Draw Something with a slew of social features. Version 1.5.14 includes the option for players to share their drawings on Facebook and Twitter as well as save them to their iPhone or iPad's photo library (iOS only).

And that's just the beginning to what we'll call Draw Something's "Quality of Life" update. For instance, player can now add 100-character comments to their drawings before sending them off to friends. Gone are the days of friends wasting your time with scrawls that may or may not read, "Want to grab some food later," before getting on with the damn drawing. Well, unless your friends just want to annoy you, then it's time to find new friends to play with.

The update also adds the ability to undo the last move you've made, which for sausage fingers (or iPhone players) is a godsend. Finally, now players can receive updates to their numerous Draw Something games--which now last for 999 turns, rather than a measly 100--even faster by swiping the home screen downward. According to VentureBeat, 6 billion drawings have been created worldwide so far, a number that will probably skyrocket thanks to this "Quality of Life" update.

Are you psyched about all of these new features in Draw Something? What else are you still waiting for? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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