Dragons of Atlantis turns up the heat in Solarian Highlands update

Dragons of Atlantis Helio Dragon
Seriously, we'd hate to be those dragon warriors in the Solarian Highlands--it sounds downright uncomfortable out there. Social game maker Kabam has updated its fire-breathing lizard-filled Facebook game Dragons of Atlantis once again. This time, it's off to the Solarian Highlands to lend a helping hand to the Desert Nomads, but more importantly the Helio Dragons.

To access the new outpost, quests and dragon type in this update, players with a Forest Outpost can send their Amber Crest Dragon to attack a Level 10 Plain to gain the respect and trust of the Desert Nomads starting April 24. Then, players can attack Level 8 or higher Plains in search of a Helio Dragon egg to raise and equip with armor. (Of course, players can buy Dragon eggs and armor to gain early access.)
Dragons of Atlantis Solarian Highlands
The Helio Dragon not only looks downright fierce, but it has an interesting Egyptian influence that's rare in that type of artwork. As for how useful it is on the battlefield, the Helio Dragon has more elemental resistances than most dragons, especially to heat--what a surprise. This update also brings a new mounted unit on May 1, the Sand Strider. We're sure a rad-looking, brand new dragon could bring back some of the game's lost players over the last week, right?

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