Dentyne, Share Happy and more get their brand on in The Sims Social

The Sims Social Share Happy
The Sims Social Share Happy

EA and Playfish's pride and joy on Facebook, The Sims Social, may be losing players every week, but that doesn't seem to mean squat to advertisers. The game has become a hotbed for ads of all kinds recently, and now three more brands see dollar signs in the duo's best-performing Facebook game: Share Happy (or Wall's) ice cream, Dentyne and Florida Orange Juice.

The latter two brands have only mildly exciting promotions running in The Sims Social at the moment, so let's get those out of the way. Both Dentyne and Florida Orange Juice currently offer players a free energy boost for watching video ads pushing their various products, according to Sims Social Fansite. (As of this writing, this writer has yet to see either promotion.)

That's pretty standard stuff for social games these days, admittedly. But Wall's--U.S. readers will known it as Good Humor--upped the ante with an exclusive in-game item for players. If players visit the Share Happy Facebook page from with The Sims Social and click the "Get Now" button, they'll score a Share Happy Ice Cream stand. When you click the item, your Sim treats itself to an ice cream cone.

This promotion looks to be the next step in a season-long campaign in The Sims Social by Unilever, the global company with the most brands. That might be an exaggeration, but Unilever is downright huge, so who knows what brand we'll see crop up in Littlehaven next.

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