Mobile games: Little games, big business [Infographic]

little games big business
So, there's nothing in this infographic that hasn't made the rounds before, but when you see all of those big numbers -- millions and billions -- lined up in a row, it's like, damn! Mobile gaming is, like, a virus.

But it's the good kind of virus, that makes you want to drop everything and play Draw Something or Bejeweled Blitz, while in bed, watching TV and in the bathroom. And, it also makes sense why FarmVille maker Zynga is more than ready to embark on new multi-million dollar shopping sprees for mobile game studios.

So, go ahead, look at all of the zeroes in this infographic (as in, Angry Birds makes $6,000,000 in ads every month) and start sketching out plans for your own blockbuster mobile game. Most of the American population, and Zynga, is waiting...

Little Games Big Business
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