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By @tkwiggin and @krisannetraz

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The most popular recent mentions on @aolrealestate include New York's nuclear missile silo home (we're filming a video there, so stay tuned!), our look at green homes, and the sale of Bubba Watson's million-dollar lakehouse. Shout out to @Nikosak, @LoveMortgage and @s_hamrick!

We'd also like to thank our Twitter followers for terrific House of the Day suggestions and for unfailingly answering our #houseporn call to action (particularly this #housepornthurs -- keep them coming!). Thanks for sending us tips on some incredible homes (and by the way, @woodgra, we just featured Beyonce's "Halo" home in a "House of the Week" video, to be released soon. Thanks for the heads-up!).

We're also working on new videos that document the moving process, and are looking to tell people's personal stories. So if you've had a particularly interesting (or bizarre!) moving experience, reach out to us!

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