After cut ties with RockYou, Galactic Allies maker 3 Blokes will live on

Galactic Allies
Galactic Allies

Well, at least the 3 Blokes team will live on--just under a new name. Of course, with a new name comes new management. After social games publisher RockYou shuttered the Australian Galactic Allies creator, most of the team has decided to continue attacking the core social games scene. 3 Blokes GM George Fidler told Polygon as much during a recent interview.

"The good news is we do have another opportunity, it's just a couple of weeks away before it is announced," Fidler told Polygon. "I don't think it will be the end of the team. Our employment has ceased with RockYou and we will be reemployed under a new organization in the near future."

RockYou gave 3 Blokes the ax after its releases aimed at core gamers failed to take off and the publisher opted to focus solely on publishing, rather than internal development. However, that hasn't broken the developer's spirit, as it still intends on making core-focused social games with its new name and management, which it looks to reveal in the near future.

"We've developed expertise in developing hardcore strategy games for the Facebook market and there are lots of opportunities in that space. While core games on Facebook aren't RockYou's current direction, there are lots of other companies that are very interested in that space," Fidler told Polygon. "It's just one of those things -- they changed directions and we didn't fit their strategic focus."

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