What kind of Draw Something player are you? [Video]

Draw Something players
Draw Something players

We all know that OMGPOP struck gold with Draw Something--gold worth about $180 million. But exactly how has been somewhat of a mystery. What does this glorified form of Pictionary do that other mobile social games haven't? If you ask us, and YouTube video maker Lihay, it's all about the freedom of expression it offers.

Of course, with that freedom comes a laundry list of different kinds of people that play the game. You have the perfectionist that needs to waste hours on a single drawing to show that he or she is skilled with an iPad. Inversely, you have the folks who either can't draw for squat or just don't even bother, writing out the word in plain sight.

And then there are ... stranger kinds of Draw Something players, like "The Leonardo DeCaprio" and the "The one drawing a horse for a Facebook friend." Check the video below to see them all--this writer probably falls under "The guy who didn't buy any colors." I'm cheap, so sue me.

[Via Kotaku]

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