Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers Forest Floor: Our guide to finding every item

The final free scene in Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers' Amazon Rainforest chapter takes us deep into the forest, where we'll examine the poor soil and dark, damp conditions presented by the forest floor. Conveniently, this takes place in a scene of the same name (Forest Floor), which requires 10 energy to play each time you wish to do so. As usual, we're here with a look at this scene's many items and how to find them, so let's get started!

Set 1:

  • Morpho Butterfly

  • Bush Dog

  • Sloth

  • Tortoise

  • Toucan

  • Tapir

Set 2:

  • Eyelash Viper

  • Dwarf Porcupine

  • Iguana

  • Anaconda

  • Golden Parakeet

  • Red-Capped Cardinal

Set 3:

  • Tarya Weasel

  • Coati

  • Julia Butterfly

  • Macaw

  • Passion Butterfly

  • Giant Armadillo

Set 4:

  • Climbing Salamander

  • Marmoset

  • Piranha

  • Glass Frog

Set 5:

  • Pied Puffbird

  • Jaguar

  • Swallow-tailed Hummingbird

  • Capybara

Set 6:

  • Golden Lion Tamarin

  • Hanging Bat

  • Tamandua

  • Gacile Opossum

  • Spider Monkey

Set 7:

  • Tree Frog

  • Rhino Beetle

  • Ocelot

Set 8:

  • Bushmaster Snake

  • Tinamou Bird

There are still some items not pictured above, as the game generates each set randomly. We'll make sure to keep playing this Forest Floor scene and will update this space when we've found more items in the scene!

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