FarmVille Pig-O: Take flight with pretty parrots

For the first time since its debut in FarmVille, the Pig-O prize game has received a different lineup of prizes than the Mystery Game. While both the Mystery Game and the Pig-O game offer birds this week, they both have a different lineup of birds to give away. In the case of Pig-O, you'll have a chance to win one of six birds, all of which are decorations as they sit on sticks. A single attempt at a bird costs 16 Farm Cash, or you can purchase three tokens for 43 Farm Cash (a savings of 6 Farm Cash over buying three tokens individually).

Here's what you have a chance to win:

  • Golden Phoenix

  • Golden Eagle

  • Purple Martins

  • Yellow Warblers

  • Pink Parrot

  • Mexican Pygmy Owl

Even though you're guaranteed a prize with each token played, duplicates are definitely a possibility in one's quest to receive one of each of these six birds. If you can manage to do just that however, you'll walk away with a special seventh bird: the Rainbow Lorikeet, for no additional cost (I'd imagine by that point, you'd have spent plenty of Farm Cash anyway).

Just remember, this lineup of prizes will expire in a week's time, hopefully bringing in even more items that differ from the Mystery Game. If not, I can see this feature going downhill rather quickly, as the two are just far too similar to really matter.

Will you play the Pig-O game this week? Have you already? Which of the birds did you end up winning? Sound off in the comments.