FarmVille Mystery Game (04/15/12): New birds take flight

This week's FarmVille Mystery Game allows us to appreciate flight via the addition of seven new birds to the game. Unfortunately, as with so many other birds on our farm, most of this week's prizes are just decorations, rather than birds that can actually be harvested, but they're fun and pretty to look at all the same. If you don't have any darts saved up, you'll need to pay 16 Farm Cash per dart to throw an arrow at the board in hopes of winning a prize. Here's a lineup of what's available:

King Parrot
Millgold Macaw
Painted Bunting
Pink Phoenix

Of these animals, only the Frigatebird actually sits on the ground, rather than a wooden perch. Either way, if you can win one of each of these birds, you'll walk away with a special seventh prize: the Bee-Eater. This bird is particularly colorful, so I can definitely see the draw of wanting to earn it, regardless of how many duplicates one might end up receiving along the way (or how much Farm Cash you ultimately spend).

As usual, this week's Mystery Game lineup will change in just seven days, so make sure to throw as many darts at this board as you want between now and then to make sure you earn all of the prizes you really want.

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