Bubble Bunny: Bubble bursting meets physics in this blitz-style puzzler

If you're looking for another kind of bubble popper on Facebook (and don't want to wait for whatever Zynga is apparently working on), you might want to take a look at Bubble Bunny from Ooblada. Bubble Bunny plays similarly to games like Bubble With Saga, in that you'll need to shoot bubbles are other bubbles that are arranged at the top of the screen, but in each 60-second game, you'll be faced to tackle the challenge of fairly realistic physics as you shoot upwards.

To be specific, when presented with a set of three groups of bubbles; say, yellow, blue and red, and you wish to shoot a red bubble upwards, the entire arrangement will then rotate in a circular fashion to respond to the "force" you placed on the contraption by hitting it with another bubble. Sure, those red bubbles may burst when you fling a red bubble at them, but now you may have made the blue bubbles impossible to reach as they've rotated counter-clockwise towards the top of the screen.

Luckily, power-ups are incredibly prevalent, giving you the ability to shoot wild-card bubbles that can burst anything they hit, ones that completely eliminate all the bubbles on the screen (the gameplay is setup in stages, giving you new arrangements each time your current one is cleared) and so on. Unfortunately, some negative boosts are also available, like one that turns off the lights, allowing you to only see a small section of the board with a flashlight, or one that slows down the speed at which you can shoot bubbles. Since you're forever being timed, these can really hurt your overall score.

You'll be able to compare your progress to that of your friends via a weekly leaderboard, and will always have the game's mascot, Bubble Bunny himself to compare an arbitrary score to, if you happen to be the only one in your network playing. You can level up and earn extra lives so that you can continue playing the game longer in each sitting, but it would have been nice if these limits weren't in place at all, so as to really allow the addiction to set in. As it stands, Bubble Bunny is a cute and solid bubble-popping game on Facebook, so grab a bubble gun and jump right in.

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Have you tried Bubble Bunny on Facebook? What do you think of the game's inclusion of a physics system? Sound off in the comments.

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