CityVille International Neighborhood: Everything you need to know

Following in the footsteps of the European District in CityVille, a new International Neighborhood has launched, giving you a chance to store some of your unique ethnic homes in your city. This is important, as, regardless of their "theme," many homes aren't able to be stored in other Neighborhoods that have previously been released. That is, even though you may have five apartments in your town, they are unable to be stored in the traditional Apartment Neighborhoods, but might have a chance here.

Once you've built the base of your International Neighborhood (it takes eight energy to complete), you'll be given two storage slots automatically, and must then ask three friends to staff the rest of "Block 1" to finish it off. In this way, this Neighborhood is exactly like the others, as you'll complete this process for all three Blocks within the Neighborhood, eventually taking your maximum storage to 15 International homes. Of course, you'll also need to ask for building materials along the way, to actually unlock Blocks 2 and 3, via general material requests on your wall and individual requests sent to your neighbors.

For example, unlocking Block 2 requires:

  • 6 Door Knobs

  • 6 European Tiles

  • 6 Red Awnings

  • 6 Purple Awnings

  • 6 Fire Escapes

It would have been great if this International Neighborhood had performed more like a District, allowing us to also store Community Buildings or Businesses inside it, but I suppose any item storage is better than none at all. Here's hoping we'll receive even more of it in the future.

What do you think of this International Neighborhood? Will you build one in your city, or are you waiting for more themed districts to release instead? Sound off in the comments.