CityVille: Grow your Downtown expansion fast

If you're one of the many CityVille players that jumped headfirst into the growth and expansion of CityVille Downtown, the folks at Zynga hope that you'll be willing to give them some money to help your Downtown grow even faster. This comes via the launch of three new Downtown specific "bundles" in the marketplace.

Each bundle costs a different amount of City Cash, and each comes with special Downtown decorations or businesses that would cost you more to purchase individually than in these bundles. Here's a complete rundown of what you'll receive if you decide to splurge.

Mini Expansion Bundle: 20 City Cash

  • 2 Zoning Permits

  • Downtown Community Garden

  • Green Leaf Park

  • Food Truck

Downtown Expansion Bundle: 75 City Cash

  • 20 Zoning Permits

  • Skate Park

  • Dog Park

  • 2 Bonus Crew

2,000 Downtown Value Bundle: 105 City Cash

  • Day Spa

  • Outdoor Restroom

  • Outdoor Lunch

  • Botanical Gardens

  • Day Care

The 2,000 Downtown Value bundle presumably adds 2,000 points to your Downtown's value, hence its name. This is useful if you're looking to expand your Downtown's land area but don't want to build the same five or six coin-only items all over again just to reach that Downtown point value otherwise. Still, that particular bundle definitely isn't cheap.

There doesn't seem to be a time limit on how long these bundles will be available in the store, so perhaps we'll have a chance to wait until City Cash goes on sale before purchasing them. Just keep an eye out on the store and current City Cash prices to know when it's the best time to pull out that wallet.

Will you purchase any of these Downtown Expansion bundles? Which one? Sound off in the comments.