CityVille Historic Clock Tower: Everything you need to know


It looks like a new feature will be launching in CityVille in the next few weeks, allowing you to enter an in-game contest to be declared Mayor of the City of the Year. This City of the Year feature begins with you making some preparations for upcoming visitors (and presumably contest judges) by building a Historic Clock Tower in your city (every city needs one of those!).

The Historic Clock Tower can be placed in your CityVille Downtown expansion, but this building can also be placed in your original town if you'd like. It's an incredibly tall building, the base of which requires 10 energy to construct. From there, you'll need to collect six building materials in bulk to finish it off.

  • 6 Intercoms

  • 6 Skylights

  • 6 Espresso Machines

  • 6 Fancy Pens

  • 6 Reception Desks

  • 6 Steel Columns

As usual, these items can either be purchased with City Cash, or you cans ask for your friends to send them to you via a combination of general news items on your wall or individual requests. Regardless of your choice, you'll receive a maximum population boost of 2,000 citizens (or 1,950 Downtown Value) when the building is complete, as this one serves as a Community Building when finished.

There's an associated goal with this Clock Tower called "Just in Time" that sees you finishing the Clock Tower's construction, asking friends for 10 Popular Votes and then collecting 40 times from Elder Homes and Ubaid Towers. Elder Homes cost 833,000 coins in the store, while Ubaid Towers cost 60,000. Of course, you'd want to build and collect from those if money is a concern in your town. When you finish this particular goal, you'll receive 15 energy and 1,000 Premium Goods for use in your businesses.

There doesn't appear to be a time limit on this feature as of this writing, but as the City of the Year feature (presumably) continues to grow, you'll want to make sure and have this step out of the way first. Good luck!

What do you think of this Historic Clock Tower and its goal in your game? Will you build yours at home or in Downtown? Sound off in the comments.