CastleVille Queen's Well: Invest in the future of your Kingdom with Crowns

If you're a FarmVille player, you likely remember seeing the Money Tree that was released earlier this year, advertising a year of free Farm Cash after an initial investment. That particular item expires a year after its purchased, but CastleVille has now received a similar item that lasts much longer than that - try forever.

That's right, the new Queen's Well is the game's version of the FarmVille Money Tree, offering free Crowns once per week after an initial purchase. To be specific, the Queen's Well costs 360 Crowns, which is a lot (almost $50 US if you purchase Crowns are their regular price), but after that point, you'll be able to collect from the Well once every five days to receive 10 Crowns with each collection.

Initially, the Queen's Well was supposed to expire after one year, giving you a limit on how many Crowns you could earn overall. Due to popular demand however, Zynga has announced that the Queen's Well will instead never expire, allowing you to collect 10 free Crowns every five days indefinitely. Again, as of this writing, in-game text states that it will still expire, but this will be removed to reflect the change.

The phrase "free Crowns for life" certainly has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Unfortunately, you'll need to invest in this Queen's Well sooner rather than later, as it won't be available in the store forever (so much for waiting until a great sale on Crowns comes around). Either way, this is an incredibly investment opportunity for those willing to shell out that much cash upfront, as it will pay for itself after a few month's time, making the rest of your free Crowns exactly that - free. Who doesn't like the sound of that?

Will you purchase the Queen's Well in CastleVille? Or, will you continue to purchase Crowns only if/when you need them? Sound off in the comments.