Is 'Super Mario 4' Nintendo's next big Mario game? [Report]

Super Mario 4
Super Mario 4

We'd certainly have no qualms with that. IGN reports that Nintendo has registered the domain "," which now automatically redirects to the Nintendo website. Companies snag domain names all of the time for projects that don't even exist yet, just to cover their bases should they turn into actual properties.

However, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has already said that his company has a 2D Super Mario for the 3DS in the works. The Nintendo commander in chief revealed nothing else about the mystery game other than the fact that it will launch before April 2013 when he made the announcement during an investors presentation this past January.

Of course, this Nintendo-owned domain doesn't mean squat in terms of whether it's the title for an upcoming Mario game, but it certainly opens up the possibility. Who knows, maybe Super Mario 4 will be a launch release for the imminent Nintendo Wii U. Either way, here's to hoping we see everyone's favorite man in overalls don the Tanooki Suit just one more time.

[Via GamesIndustry International]

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