The Sims Social: Earn free SimCash by inviting friends to play

In an effort to get more people to play the Sims Social, EA / Playfish has launched a new initiative that offers current players three SimCash for each new friend that they invite to the game that actually plays it. To be specific, those new players need to be invitedby you to play, and they must actually install the game on their Facebook account for your free SimCash to be applied to your account.

Now, we would never endorse violating Facebook's terms of service, but in the interest of full disclosure, there doesn't seem to be anything stopping someone from creating multiple Facebook accounts and then inviting those dummy players into Sims Social to receive free SimCash on their primary account. This might earn you enough SimCash to purchase that new bed or couch that you've been eyeballing for your Sim's pad, but you're taking the safety of your account(s) into your own hands by technically breaking the rules.

Either way, if you know some friends that are nice enough to add the Sims Social just because you've asked, make sure to get them into the game for free SimCash before this feature leaves the game!

Would you ever create fake Facebook accounts to earn extra premium currency or other items in Facebook games? Sound off in the comments!