House looks impossibly adorable in House M.D: Critical Cases on Facebook

House M.D.: Critical Cases on Facebook
House M.D.: Critical Cases on Facebook

Somehow, French games publisher Ubisoft and developer The Method made House look as cute as a button. The duo recently announced that House M.D.: Critical Cases is now available for all to play in an "open beta." Plainly speaking, the House social game has gone live. And boy does The Method lay on the drama, which is most definitely a good thing.

House M.D.: Critical Cases is a mix between a management slash avatar-driven Facebook game and a hidden object game. Throughout game, players manage patients' strange medical issues, much like the in the show. But at some points players see Prospect Park Hospital through an isometric view a' la FarmVille, while at others players must search hidden-object scenes or complete memory puzzles for clues pointing to just what might be wrong with their patients.

Of course, none other than House himself serves as players' guide every step of the way, but the show's cast of characters help out too. In fact, think of House M.D.: Critical Cases as if you're the team of doctors' newest member, and that you're solving various mystery cases with them. This Facebook game looks to be one of the most story driven we've seen to date, and that's fitting for one of the most acclaimed dramas on TV. See for yourself whether The Method's ambitions translate into a game you can see yourself digging.

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