Truth: Most parents don't care about game ratings

Kid playing video games
Kid playing video games

Parents may be concerned about their kids' Facebook use, but when it comes to what games they're playing? According to a survey conducted by UK-based game website, 64 percent of parents effectively said, "Meh." A hefty 1,221 parents were asked whether they checked the age ratings on games before allowing their kids to play them, to which they replied "no."

Oh, don't worry, it gets more interesting. Of the 64 percent that admitted to not bothering to look, 55 percent of respondents said it was because they simply didn't think age restrictions "mattered" on video games, according to Better yet is that when parents were asked whether they'd care if they found their kids playing a game reserved for those 18 and older, 51 percent of the moms and dads replied "no."

But when parents were asked the same exact question applied to movies--"Would you be concerned if your child was playing video games with an age restriction of 18?"--54 percent of parents said that they would be concerned. then asked moms and dads whether they thought that violent video games could affect them negatively. A large majority, 61 percent, said "no."

If this is indicative of more than just 1,200 parents, then it's no wonder how kids consistently get their mitts on games that, simply put, aren't meant for them. It makes you wonder just how effective organizations like the ESRB are at communicating their message to parents. On the other side of the same coin, it makes you wonder just how much parents know about the games that their kids are playing and, more importantly, how they're affecting them. But who knows: Maybe ... just maybe they aren't at all.

[Via Kotaku]

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