Former McDonald's Worker's Strange, Sad Tale Of Prostitution

"OK, it's showtime!"

That's what Keith Handley, her husband and a McDonald's franchise owner, allegedly said, morning, afternoon and night, to pep her up to have sex with other men. Shelley Lynn's story is strange, and it only gets stranger the deeper you look. It's little surprise that for two decades, no one seemed to believe that her millionaire boss from McDonald's would get her fired, pimp her in Las Vegas to fulfill his own sexual fantasies, marry her, and then divorce her, plunging her into poverty again.

But with a witness and an outspoken, controversial civil rights lawyer by her side, Lynn (pictured at left) is suing Handley -- alleging sex trafficking, conspiracy to obstruct justice, fraud, racketeering, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. And she's suing McDonald's, claiming it failed to supervise its franchisee. Her lawyer expects her to win millions of dollars in damages.