Dish Network hops into FarmVille with free kangaroo

Dish Network and Zynga may not seem like two names that would easily go together (after all, if you're playing a Facebook game, you're likely not watching your TV), but the two have come together anyway for a simple cross-promotion in FarmVille. Dish is advertising its new Hopper service, and has given farmers a chance to receive a "Hopper" of their own to place on their farm(s).

This comes by way of the exclusive "Hopper from Dish" item that's now available to send to your friends on the game's free gifts page. You can send Hopper to as many friends (or as few) as you'd like over the next six days, and will likely receive at least one from your friends in return. Just don't be surprised if you end up with dozens of these things, as well-intentioned farmers send them to every active friend without asking.

If this Dish promotion becomes more in-depth than a simple Kangaroo decoration, we'll make sure to let you know, but in the meantime, make sure you score at least one of these Hopper from Dish items, as they'll likely never come back around again.

Have you already received a Hopper from Dish item in your game, or do you think you'll have to manually ask your friends to send you one? Sound off in the comments.