CityVille Downtown Police Station: Everything you need to know

With the skyscrapers and premium businesses of CityVille Downtown comes a new band of thieves that look to capitalize on all of the wealth in your new expansion. You'll soon find your Downtown overrun with criminals, unless of course you build a new Downtown Police Station. This feature is available to users that have reached at least Level 20 in the game, and you'll then be able to capture all sorts of new criminals to upgrade your Downtown Police Station.

The Downtown Police Station functions as both a way to catch criminals and as a Community Building for your Downtown Area. It will give your expansion 1,247 points of Downtown Value (or allow 1,450 citizens in regular terms). It costs 178,000 coins to purchase, and will require you to collect a variety of building materials to finish it off.

  • 6 Police Glasses

  • 6 Police Desks

  • 6 Police Helmets

  • 6 Police Hats

  • 6 Police Radios

Once you've finished the Police Station, you'll be able to hire officers to work in it, and can then catch a new set of criminals by collecting from businesses in your Downtown area. At first, you'll only be able to draw out "Stick Shift Stanley" or "Convertible Kenny," but more criminals will start appearing as you upgrade your station and have more police offers on duty at once.

Instead of Donuts, you'll use cups of Coffee to keep your police officers on call via this new station, which can be upgraded through six levels depending on how many criminals you catch. If you've upgraded your original CityVille Police Station, this should all be incredibly familiar so far. You'll also be able to complete a goal that rewards you with 200,000 coins by completing the construction of the Police Station and catching five Stick Shift Stanley crooks to start.

Again, this is all incredibly similar to the original Police Station in CityVille, but you will need to start over in terms of your cumulative criminals captured. If you're looking for a relatively quick and easy way to earn some Premium Goods, make sure to capture as many of these new varieties of criminals as you can, as they'll reward different amounts of Premium Goods after they've been snagged in bulk. Good luck fighting crime in your downtown expansion!

[Final image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Downtown Police Station in CityVille? Are you excited about starting over with catching criminals all over again, or would you have preferred in criminals stayed out of this Downtown area entirely? Sound off in the comments.