Block Breaker 3 Free+ on iOS sure is a good-looking Breakout clone

Block Breaker 3 Free
Block Breaker 3 Free

We'll call it a clone when we see it, but when it looks this good it's sometimes hard to knock it, especially when it looks better (and packs more features) than the real deal. Gameloft's Block Breaker 3 Unlimited has recently been re-released as Block Breaker 3 Free+, and frankly, it's what Atari's Breakout Boost on iOS could have been ... but wasn't.

For anyone that has played either Breakout or Arkanoid in the past 30 years will know exactly how to play Block Breaker 3 Free+, save for the touch controls. The French developer's take on the classic comes touting seven game worlds, 100 levels packing various puzzles, power-ups, game modes and even boss battles. At least on paper, this sounds like the whole package.

Players can jump into eight different play modes, including an endless mode that constantly generates bricks to bust until you bite the big one. Sure, Gameloft has a history of ... we'll say "drawing inspiration" from existing games, but it's tough to take issue with it when every once in a while, the studio's game outperform the original in almost every way. However, be warned: Players are already taking issue with how many things cost money in-game.

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