Animal Kingdom Explorers goes behind the scenes of 'Chimpanzee'

Animal Kingdom Explorers Chimpanzee
Animal Kingdom Explorers Chimpanzee

Disney and Playdom--ahem, sorry ... Disney Social Games--will take advantage of yet another golden opportunity. The social gaming duo recently released Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers, and just in time for the upcoming Disney nature documentary Chimpanzee. We say "just in time" because like most big league social game publishers, this presents a chance for Disney to pimp two of its new projects at the same time.

We were recently told, and MovieViral reports, that three special hidden-object scenes inspired by the upcoming film have been thrown under the Animal Kingdom Explorers banner based on the movie. In fact, players can check out the first scene now on a special demo page promoting both the upcoming film and the new game. (One of which depicts the film crew on the "set" of Chimpanzee.)

Players can play through the three scenes within this special page, watch a trailer for the movie (and buy tickets), learn more about the issues that Disney looks to raise awareness for and most importantly learn how to give to the cause. While this is about cross promotion without a doubt, it's also about protecting chimpanzees in the wild. Considering how involved Disney is in these sorts of things through the Animal Kingdom, we're sure there will be more where this came from.

Click here to play the Chimpanzee scenes in Animal Kingdom Explorers Now >

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