Watch those pixel-less tetrominoes move in Tetris on the new iPad

Tetris for iPad
Tetris for iPad

Alright, fine ... seemingly pixel-less. The Tetris Company and Blue Planet Software have announced that the Tetris for iPad has been "updated" for the new iPad to support its flashy Retina display. If you're wondering, "Why the scare quotes?" then take a look at the App Store on your new iPad. There's no update to be found, and according to TouchArcade, that was the point.

What EA (the company that publishes Tetris on many platforms including iOS) did was take the original Tetris game for iPad off of the App Store and replace it with this updated version of the game. This new take on the game is essentially what was released for iPhone and iPod Touch late last year, complete with the unique One-Touch control system and nifty visual style. What comes with those admittedly interesting features, however, is Tetris's new in-game purchase system.

If you want Tetris on your new iPad to use the spiffy new Retina display, then you'll have to download this version for another $6.99, in-game purchases and all. It's a bittersweet piece of news, considering the acclaim for the One-Touch controls along with the new artwork in the face of EA charging players another seven bucks for it (and dropping support for the original).

If you liked Tetris on iPad just the way it was, be sure to to save it somewhere on your PC or Mac. But if you've held out this long before getting lost in Tetris all over again, today is your lucky day. As TouchArcade points out, why wasn't this offered as an update to the existing game or as a full game to current Tetris on iPad owners for free (or at least at discount)?

Click here to download the new Tetris on iPad for $6.99 Now >

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