Strip Clubs See Declining Standards, U.K. Study Says

The recession has been a boom time for prostitution and sex toy makers. But in one corner of the sex industry, standards have apparently slipped, according to two researchers from the University of Leeds, and reported by the British newspaper, The Times. With profits dwindling, U.K. strip club owners began hiring women for their seduction skills over their dance abilities.

As the economy soured, dollars were no longer thrown around U.K. strip clubs so freely; they had to be pried out. So club owners began hiring women who were more like saleswomen than dancer-athletes, according to a study by Teela Sanders and Kate Hardy, presented at the British Sociological Association's annual conference.

Owners want women who can seduce men to pay for private dances, the researchers claim, which is the true moneymaker in the world of erotic performance. The dancers are independent contractors, who pay the club to let them perform, and also give the club a cut of their earnings.