Zynga to set sail for Pirate Island ... or Rogues & Royals [Rumor]

Pirate Island
Big time social game maker Zynga looks to be on a tear with new projects. This time, CEGamers has found promotional art and text within one of Zynga's infamous surveys for a game known as either Pirate Island or Rogues & Royals. The survey asks players for their impressions of both names associated with these images, and what they think a game with ether name would play like. Then, however, Zynga provides the following teaser:
Set sail for your own Caribbean paradise in a world of intrigue, pirates, and romance. Your island will become home to a cast of exotic characters who need your help in their quests for adventure, glory, and affairs of the heart. Team up with your friends as Crewmates and uncover the island's many mysteries. The choice is yours: will you build your island into a stately tropical paradise? Or a rough-and-tumble pirates' haven?
Other than that, little to nothing is known about this game that Zynga is testing the waters with. (Perhaps Zynga has learned a thing or two from The Sims Social?) The artwork in the image looks strikingly similar to CastleVille, as CEGamers points out. That said, it's possible that Zynga Dallas is the studio that will handle Pirate Island/Rogues & Royals should it survive these surveys.

Would you play a Zynga game like this, regardless of title? Why would Zynga want to revisit the pirate genre? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
Rogues & Royals
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