No More Heroes Royal maker to make Western mobile gamers see red

No More Heroes
No More Heroes

Suda 51, formally known as Guichi Suda of Japanese game maker Grasshopper Manufacture, looks to explore the sanguine side of social games on smartphones. While before it was safe to assume they'd be reserved for Japanese audiences through DeNA's Mobage, that's fortunately not the case, according to what studio CCO Akira Yamaoka recently told Siliconera.

"Yeah, we're working with DeNA and ngmoco:), so you'll be able to play these games," Yamaoka told Siliconera when asked whether upcoming Mobage games like No More Heroes Royal and Humans vs. Zombies will be available for North American mobile gamers. The studio has already announced bloody-sounding mobile social games like Alien Busters. Now they sound all the more sweet knowing they're headed stateside.

Direct competitor GREE has already released a zombie-themed game on iPhone and iPad for Western audiences, but going in a totally different direction, at least based on what Suda's ambitions seem to be. Regardless, both mobile social game publishers look to target a supposedly growing core audience of mobile gamers. This reminds us of a popular media industry idiom: "If it bleeds, it leads."

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