'Mad Men': If Don Draper Lived In 2012 [Infographic]

Don Draper Mad Men modern dayThe glory days may not have been so glorious, but it's at least fun to watch them on television. Or that's the idea behind the AMC series "Mad Men," now well into its fifth season. The nostalgia for the advertising world of the 1960s has been so potent that an online game called "Mad Men Yourself" even went viral early in the series.

But how do the two working worlds stack up? If Don Draper lived today, how differently would he be working? Well, back in the 1960s, some ad agencies partook in annual "sex contests," in which the staff voted on the colleague they'd most like to go to bed with. In 2012, that likely would prompt a visit from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

In fact, the working landscape has been utterly transformed, with many more women and people of color in positions of influence. In 1962, 37.7 percent of women were employed. Now the figure stands at 58.8 percent. And the famous office politics in the halls of the Sterling Cooper ad agency? With workshifting, even that takes on different cast today, given that many workers don't log their hours side-by-side anymore.

Here is an infographic comparing today's working world to the one from 1962 as shown on "Mad Men."

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