FarmVille Spring Items: Purple Tulip crop, Bumble Bee Tree and more

A new series of Spring-themed items have launched in the FarmVille marketplace, bringing a new cash-only crop to the game, along with new trees, animals and other decorations for use on your many farms. These items are all limited edition, as you might expect, but we're here with a look at these new items so that you'll know what to expect when you head into the store to shop.


Purple Tulip - 5 Farm Cash

For 5 Farm Cash, you'll have a week-long permit to plant as many Purple Tulips as you'd like. You'll gain two experience points for each plot harvested, and will earn 135 coins for each square. They can be harvested after eight hours of waiting, and the first star of mastery for this exclusive crop comes at 600 individual squares harvested.


Fringe Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Goldenchain Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Bumble Bee Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Giant Bumble Bee Tree - 8 Farm Cash

If you're keeping score, the level two Giant Bumble Bee Tree has been priced as the cheaper of the pair, which is unusual for such tree releases in the store. If I had to make a guess, this has been a error, rather than a purposeful change, so I'd wait at least a day before making a purchase of either to see if the prices stick. If they are intentional, I bet we'll see a lot of angry players who won't want to pay the increased prices for these level one trees.


Spring Bonnet Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Big Bonnet Ewe - 18 Farm Cash
Bonnet Chicken - 18 Farm Cash
Baby Monkey - 12 Farm Cash
Warthog - 2 million coins
Spring Bonnet Ewe - 16 Farm Cash


Spring Cottage - 15 Farm Cash


Bee Bush - 6 Farm Cash
Bee Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Blue Birds - 14 Farm Cash

All of these items will be available in the game's store for the next 13 days, save for the crop, the permit to which you can purchase for almost a month. Just make sure to plant a ton of those Purple Tulips instantly after purchasing your permit, as it will only be active for seven days.

What do you think of these Spring themed items in the FarmVille store? Sound off in the comments.