Big Win Blackjack on iOS promises to teach you how to count cards

Big Win Blackjack iPhone iPad
Big Win Blackjack iPhone iPad

Now you can learn how to count cards from the safety of your own iPhone or iPad. (We just hope it's not the kind of card counting that can get you booted from casinos in some places.) Mobile social game maker Mobile Deluxe recently released its own take on the fine casino game of Blackjack, aptly-titled Big Win Blackjack, for free on the App Store.

The reason we think the game is aptly titled is because Mobile Deluxe promises that Big Win Blackjack can teach you how to count cards like the pros. A Professor Blackjack play mode in Big Win is designed to train players in the ways of card counting, a way to increase your odds of hitting 21 by remembering the cards in play, make better judgment calls and thus win big.

Within Professor Blackjack are the Hand Advisor and Card Counting games that look to teach players in what situations should they hit, stand, double down or split. Mobile Deluxe even promises to give players a better idea of when to raise or lower their bets, thus maximizing their winnings when playing the real deal in various casinos around the country. Basically, Big Win Blackjack is designed to make you a better Blackjack player at the tables. Just don't play the game while you're at a real casino--they don't like that.

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