What's Your Payment Personality? American Express Can Tell You


Are you a conservative, pays-with-cash sort of consumer or a swashbuckling, smartphone-wielding early adopter? As it turns out, what's in your wallet -- and even what you consider your "wallet" -- may say more about you than you think.

If you listen to the buzz from the money and technology soothsayers, you'll hear that cash and credit cards -- not to mention checks -- will soon be endangered species. The future belongs to easy-to-use digital platforms like Square or PayPal's mobile wallet.

But though the 18- to 24-year-old demographic is twice as likely to adopt such smart-tech options, according to American Express, it's not specifically age that is discouraging some people from jumping in the mobile-payment bandwagon: The real countervailing forces come in the form of concerns about privacy and identity theft, and the fear that such methods will make it too easy to overspend.

New data from American Express has divided consumers into three categories based on their buying methods: "the techie" who will try any new mobile or frictionless transaction technology; "the security buff," who is more wary of venturing into high-tech methods of transactions because of the personal information that they put at risk; and "the budget boss," who fears that the ability to buy with a wave of your hand (if that hand holds a smartphone) will encourage too much spending.

So which category do you fall into? Check out the American Express infographic below to find out: