Gravity Guy maker Miniclip shifts polarity toward smart TVs on PlayJam

Gravity Guy
Gravity Guy

Free-to-play gaming seems to be headed in two different directions, and neither of them are Facebook. Of course, one of those is mobile, but the other is, oddly enough, HDTVs. Flash game portal Miniclip and TV gaming platform PlayJam announced a partnership that will bring Miniclip hits like Fragger, Gravity Guy and iStunt to web-connected HDTV brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony and more.

It's no secret that gaming companies want to be on every screen we look at, and the next in line to get in on that action is the biggest screen in the house. Miniclip fans will soon get to play games like Gravity Guy through the PlayJam web app found on a number of Internet-enabled HDTVs. Each of the games that Miniclip makes available through PlayJam will be powered by the platform's leader board and tournament systems as well as social media integration.

"The opportunity presented by Smart TV is very exciting," Miniclip VP and commercial director Chris Bergstresser said in a release. "By working with PlayJam, we can further expand our large established fan-base and extend our reach to TV." With a partnership with Google TV, even Zynga is in on the TV as a social gaming platform, so it's got to be worth something, right?

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