FarmVille April Showers Countdown contents revealed

This week marked the launch of the April Showers Spring Countdown in FarmVille, a daily event over the next 12 days that will allow you to earn one free item for your farms by asking for a bit of help from friends. While we already know that Day 1 and 2 offer an April Flower Patch and Angel Trumpet Tree, respectively, the folks at FVNation have figured out the lineup of prizes for the next 10 days, along with the ultimate prize we'll receive at the end.

  • Day 1: April Flower Patch
  • Day 2: Angel Trumpet Tree
  • Day 3: Spring Flower Fountain
  • Day 4: Flower Antler Buck
  • Day 5: Flower Seller Gnome
  • Day 6: Grass Widow Seeds
  • Day 7: Flower Costume Hippo
  • Day 8: April Flower Pond
  • Day 9: Flower Mane Cub
  • Day 10: Flower Windmill
  • Day 11: Puppy in Flowers
  • Day 12: Night Cereus Seeds

If we can one of each of these items in our own games, we'll be able to earn the special 13th prize: a Yellow Rose Horse. These prizes offer a little bit of something for everyone: people focused on growing and mastering crops, horse breeders, gnome collectors and animal collectors, tree farmers and so on. Make sure you play each day during this event to get your hands on each and every one of these prizes, as there's no telling when (if ever) you'll have a chance at them again!

What do you think of this lineup of prizes in the April Showers event? Which one(s) are you most excited about adding to your farm(s)? Sound off in the comments!
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