CityVille Express now allows for collecting rent on the go

Back in January, Zynga launched a mobile, streamlined version of CityVille for mobile platforms called CityVille Express. This "app" of sorts doesn't require a download, but can be accessed in your phone's browser or through a Facebook app by clicking on a CityVille game post on your news feed. There, you can collect profits from businesses, harvest or plant crops and supply those businesses with new Goods. Now, CityVille Express has become even more useful by allowing you to collect rent from houses while still being on the go.

Why does this matter? For so many goals, we're asked to collect from a specific number of homes, or even specific kinds of homes that may take a few hours to recharge. Instead of having to rush back to the computer each time you need to collect from these residences, you can just pull out your phone and spend your energy from the comfort and convenience of your palm (or lap, in the case of a tablet). This will also help users that like to scratch that CityVille itch while at work, as CityVille Express comes one step closer to being a complete CityVille experience without the necessity of flash.

This is definitely a helpful addition for dedicated fans of CityVille on Facebook, and we'll make sure to let you know when other features come to your town - stay tuned!

Do you use CityVille Express on a regular basis, or did you forget that the ability to access your city on the go existed? Sound off in the comments.